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    Moving Violations

    • Moving Violations.
      • A Moving violation conviction will carry points which can lead to the loss of your driving privileges.  Each driver starts out with 12 points.  Each moving violation conviction has a certain number of points attached.  This number is different for each violation and differs in each State, County and Municipal jurisdiction.  If you “lose” all 12 points or a certain amount of points in a short amount of time, the State will “revoke” or “suspend” your driving privileges for a time dependant on your situation.  The points lost for a moving violation are slowly added back to your total over time.
    • Types of Moving Violations
      • Speeding
      • Failure to obey traffic signal or stop sign
      • Improper lane change
      • Careless and reckless driving
    • Most moving violations can be amended to a non-moving violation.
      • The ability to amend a moving violation is the choice of each individual State, County and Municipal division.  They are not required to allow it, and some do not.
      • An individual with a CDL designation on their license is usually not allowed (by State law) to receive an amendment on ANY moving violation.
      • Most jurisdictions in Missouri and Kansas require an attorney to amend a moving violation citation.  There are a few courts which will allow the individual to appear and obtain an amendment without the requirement of an attorney.
      • In Missouri, depending on the jurisdiction, citations are usually amended to a “defective equipment” violation, which carries no points.
      • In Kansas, moving violation citations are usually amended to a diversion with a suspended imposition of sentence or “SIS”.  If defendant does not get any additional tickets during the diversionary period, the violation will be removed from his or her driving record.
    • Non-moving violations carry no points and carry only a fine.
      • Keep in mind, if these citations are not taken care of, the issuing jurisdiction will issue a warrant in the matter.
    • If the moving violation citation is amended to a non-moving violation, then no points will be deducted from your driver’s license and, usually, your insurance rates are not affected.